Poetry preserves the eternal Vow


                                        Forever—is composed of Nows—

                                                                                                    ~ E.D.



            of our Interdependent Arising


     Where Awareness-crown & Subconscious-mound

                         Sweet meat

            round juicy




         “You” and “I” meet the ceaseless page of


Single-pointed POIESIS                                           AH AAH SHA SA MA HA


Poetry is language’s most charged, condensed, concentrated, consecrated essence. In the instant of the poem, words move intuitively in simultaneous harmony becoming sound, rhythm, sight.


an instant

                                                    of doubled pleasure, concentration, con-


                                                                                                 ~Cecilia Vicuña, The Precarious QUIPOem


                 Penetrating ONE

     Single-pointed purpose

                                                                         to serve Sentients. Sentience:

     May my poems be made of BODHICHITTA

                   heart clear,

                               Claire Lune,

                                             light of Aware.